Creative Country Club Activities to Spend Healthy Vacations

Creative Country Club Activities to Spend Healthy Vacations

Country clubs may have the reputation of being full of uppity bridge-playing housewives and their pipe-smoking husbands, but a club can change this perception through creative events.

When the confetti’s fallen and the band’s gone home, your time should be spent following up with attendees, planning & promoting the next event and basking in the success of your events. Here are some of the most creative country club activities to spend your summer vacations.

Happy Hour

During happy hour, the bar’s drinks are less expensive than they would be at normal prices. Often, appetizers or other discounted menu items are also available. Many people use this time to grab a drink with friends after work and before they head out for dinner or other evening activities.

The word happy hour is believed to have originated in the military, where it was used to describe the twice-weekly social events held by naval units to boost morale. The events were not meant to promote over-consumption or underage drinking; rather, they provided an opportunity for sailors to relax in a non-work environment and enjoy themselves.

While you may think that happy hour is only a fun way to get out of the office, it’s actually a great place to network. You can meet new people and make business contacts, while enjoying discounted food and drink specials.

To ensure that your club’s happy hour is a success, make sure to advertise it properly. You can do this by distributing flyers to local businesses and posting specials on your website or social media accounts. If you want to create a unique buzz, consider using custom branded products like wine glasses or bottle openers to give to your guests. These will help to reinforce your brand and will remind your customers of your happy hour specials.

Gala Dinner

If you want your country club to be the go-to spot for new families seeking a fresh way to enjoy life, a gala dinner is a fantastic opportunity to increase your membership numbers. Hosting events is a great way to offer outsiders an insider’s look at the benefits your club offers, and it also helps members retain their memberships if they feel like they have friends to come back for.

During the evening, you can host different types of fundraising activities, such as live and silent auctions or raffles. Ensure that you pair these with other non-fundraising activities, however, so guests don’t feel like they are being asked to donate all night long.

Another important part of a gala is the food and drinks, which are crucial for creating a memorable experience. You should work with a reputable catering company to design a menu that is delicious and well-presented. It is also helpful to have a range of drink options, including both soft and alcoholic beverages. You can even have a cocktail reception at the beginning of the gala to encourage mingling. The music at the event is also crucial, as it will be what attendees remember most about the event. It should be thematically resonant and suit your event’s overall tone. Consider hiring a professional ensemble to play at the event.

Trivia Night

Trivia nights can be a great way to bring in customers and boost revenue on slower nights. They can also be a fun social activity that attracts different demographics. Bars can offer food and drink specials that align with the theme of the night, such as taco Tuesdays or wine and whiskey Thursdays. They can also set up a prize wheel with a variety of prizes to encourage people to participate.

Some bars create their own trivia questions, while others hire a company to provide them and provide an emcee and technology for the event. This is typically more expensive, but it allows bars to focus on marketing the event instead of figuring out the answers.

Teams of up to six players play in a series of rounds with 5-7 questions each. The team with the most points wins. Most pen-and-paper trivia events last about two hours. To avoid cheating, it’s important to limit the number of players on each team and prohibit cell phone use during the game. Teams may also be banned from changing their answers after the question is read.

To make trivia more interesting, a round can be themed and ask participants to name an artist, song or movie. It’s also possible to include a visual round where you show a picture and ask the team to identify it. Then there’s Triviopera, a mix of trivia and karaoke, in which players sing answers rather than saying them.

Arts Night

While country club exclusiveity is part of the draw, these upscale clubs aren’t just for golfers and bridge players. They also offer the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of social activities, such as art nights. These creative events are an excellent way to boost your community’s engagement with your club and attract new members to its ranks.

Consider hosting an arts night during the day so that families can participate together without the evening rush. Arrange art stations with supplies for guests to create a work of art on their own or together. Have an instructor on hand to assist as needed. Then, host a musical performance afterward for an evening of relaxation and creativity.

One idea for an arts night is to feature a local artist. For example, Tonyelle Bryant’s works incorporate texture, color, and symbolism that evoke both ancestral and contemporary design. She’s also known for her abstract paintings of overlapping shapes and colors.

Alternatively, you can host a family-friendly movie night in your clubhouse or out on the course. Use an event diagramming tool to determine the best location for food and beverage vendors, stage areas, and attendee seating locations. Then, set up a ticket booth where guests can purchase food, drink, and game tickets that can be exchanged for these items at the event.


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