Business Networking Groups in Brisbane

Business Networking Groups in Brisbane

Many business networking groups offer a variety of opportunities for professional and business owners. Some are focused on fostering local connections, while others have a more national focus.

Women of Influence and Business Chicks are a few examples of networks that encourage women to reach for their goals. They have events and meet-ups in Brisbane all throughout the year.

The Brisbane Club

The Brisbane Club is one of the most respected clubs in the city, providing a wide range of sports and social activities to members. Its diverse clubbing scene offers something for everyone, from trendy rooftop venues to underground vibes. It also features the best DJs in town. There is no better way to unwind after a long week than with a yummy cocktail in your hand and amazing loud music around you.

The Mothers of Brisbane (MOB) is a not-for-profit, membership-based organisation that brings together mothers to pursue common interests, and help each other with family matters. They organize fun and family events, provide support for each other, and share information about community resources. Membership is free.

Located in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, The Brisbane Club is home to a wide variety of social and business networking events. The events are well-curated and designed to leave you with valuable learning from industry experts and a bucket load of memorable experiences.

The Brisbane Women’s Club is an apolitical and non-sectarian organisation for professional women in Queensland. It has a strong history of supporting the lives of Queensland women through its many clubs and events. Its membership includes access to a network of generous, high calibre business people, and a wealth of networking opportunities in Brisbane. The club also hosts a variety of educational seminars and workshops throughout the year.

League of Extraordinary Women

The League of Extraordinary Women is a network of like-minded business people who come together each week for breakfast to share ideas, educate one another on their respective specialties and pass business referrals. This group is committed to building strong relationships that help members grow their businesses and elevate women in the community. Membership is only $65 annually.

The founders of this unique network believe that women and girls must be empowered to create a more prosperous world. These women are using their networks to build institutions and models that will bring the concerns of poor women and girls to the forefront. They are hacking long-outdated aid models by tapping new thinking and a growing body of data that shows how investing in women and girls will reap enormous economic benefits for the entire world.

This network is a refreshing change from traditional networking groups, where members swap business cards and have long-winded conversations about the latest sales or marketing techniques. The League of Extraordinary Women has banned the n-word and focuses on connecting on an honest, down-to-earth level where face-to-face conversations are “where the magic happens.” In addition to networking meetings, this network also hosts events and speakers for women.

Women of Influence

Women of Influence is one of the leading organizations offering solutions for workplace gender equality. They bring together a community of business leaders, influencers and changemakers through events, digital media and signature awards. They also offer a variety of educational and consulting services. Their programs help people learn how to become more successful at work by leveraging their strengths and building strategic relationships with other business professionals.

This network is a great place to make new connections and find clients, but it’s important to remember that networking groups are not just about meeting people. They should be about developing a genuine relationship with those you meet, and this is why it’s important to make sure that you are comfortable with the members of your networking group before joining them.

SAN DIEGO — The annual Women of Influence Leadership Luncheon kicked off Saturday afternoon in Chula Vista. The event, emceed by CBS 8 reporter Ariana Cohen, brought together women from across the city to discuss issues that affect their quality of life and brainstorm possible solutions.

The Women of Influence program is open to any female alumni and friends of UNA who contribute $250 or more annually to the Women of Influence fund. This philanthropic initiative is led by the University’s First Lady Dena Kitts and gives WOI members a direct voice in the priority philanthropic initiatives of her choice.

Fresh National

Like a cold beer on a hot Queensland day, Fresh Networking is a burst of refreshment for people who want to break away from the dryness of traditional business networking. We offer a more vibrant, less blah way of building your local network and growing your business in Brisbane CBD and beyond.

Business networking is a powerful business growth strategy, and it’s important to connect with the right people. A quality networking group can help you find qualified, quality referrals that will boost your sales and lead to new clients and business opportunities. But how do you find a great one?

Women in Business Network (WBN) is a business network of professional women who meet to share ideas, support and advice. They also offer workshops and mentoring programs. Their events include business breakfasts, golf days, award nights and keynote speaker events. They also host social and fundraising events.

BNI is the largest and most successful business networking organization in the world, and it’s a great place to get started if you’re looking for a strong business referral network. Membership is free, and you can attend weekly meetings with like-minded business people. The best part is that the members of each group only refer business to people in their own profession, so you’ll never compete with other members.


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