Cloud technology to steer Vision 2025

Cloud technology to steer Vision 2025

By 2025, more than 70% of the world’s enterprises and public sector entities will be using cloud technology.

Cloud technology can play an important role in achieving the goals of digital transformation and strengthening small and medium enterprises (SMEs) under the government of Pakistan’s Vision 2025.

Replying to the queries of The Express Tribune at a media roundtable in Dubai, Huawei Cloud Middle East President Frank Dai said that just like other sectors, the public sector was also rapidly adopting the cloud technology.

Many countries, including Pakistan, have announced timelines for digital transformation and cloud will play a fundamental role in achieving their aims.

“We have seen that all government organisations across the region have realised the importance of digital transformation and the unique role that cloud technology can play in this process,” he said.

He called for creating a conducive ecosystem and preparing employees by providing them with appropriate training.

According to him, lack of human resources is a daunting challenge for the countries opting for digital transformation.

“Managing legacy of the present IT systems while implementing cloud mechanism without impacting the current services and the mindset of people are key challenges for digitisation,” he added.

Furthermore, Dai highlighted that the demand for modern technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things and cloud was climbing day after day.

When combined, these technologies steer immense productivity gains, especially during the unprecedented circumstances of a pandemic.

He stressed that those technologies were also providing new opportunities for small and medium enterprises to improve operational efficiency, promote innovation, expand their market and financing channels and facilitate remote operations during the Covid crisis.

IDC Middle East Vice President Ranjit Rajan said that cloud technology was enabling transformation strategies for digital-first economies. “Digital-first approach applies to any entity that is seeking digital capabilities or enhancement which could improve lives and bear desired outcomes,” he said.


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